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EMC - Electromagnetics Consulting
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EMC Electromagnetics Consulting

Our consulting services guarantees EMC compliance and safety during development, certification, production and operation of equipment and complete systems.

Independant studies demonstrate that EMC measures require from 1% up to more than 10% of the overall development costs. The costs for a systematic electromagnetic compatibility engineering from start on are between 1% and 4% of the development costs. Subsequent EMC measures on average require more than 10% of the costs.

In support of our customers we offer:
  • Electromagnetic compatibility management and EMC consulting services,
  • Electromagnetic compatibility design services,
  • EMC environment engineering and EMC compliance engineering,
  • EMC testing services including EMC measurements at EMC test labs and EMC testing centers,
  • EMC technology services as well as seminars on electromagnetic compatibility.
Our EMC services cover component EMC testing, equipment EMC testing, and system EMC testing. We can also assist you with CE mark testing, standards testing, and qualification testing.
It pays off to follow the right path from start on.

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