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EMC Electromagnetics Consulting

Take benefit from our EMC experiences and our comprehensive knowledge on electromagnetic compatibility! Our EMC competences are based on longterm involvement in the field as well as on latest EMC research.

Our specialists are used to work in an international environment since decades, and they are on the leading edge of EMC knowledge. Their expertise covers:
  • EMC of electronic devices, apparatus, systems and plants (compatibility analysis, measures for hardening and protection ect.),
  • protection of electronic devices and electronic systems against damages due to lightning strokes,
  • protection against cosmic radiation effects (hardening, shielding, interference reduction),
  • protection against HIRF (High intensity radiated fields) and HPM (High power microwave),
  • protection of electronic devices and electronic systems against electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • NEMP hardening (Hardening against a Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) and
  • TEMPEST hardening (Hardening against Temporary Emanation and Spurious Transmission).

You can rely on the EMC competences
of your EMC partners!

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